How to Dispose of Landscaping Rocks

Since landscaping rocks can be used for a variety of purposes, you have to know what to care for them.

Due to their durability, they’ll remain on display for years to come. However, if they’re starting to tarnish, they’re a good candidate for removal.

There are several ways you can dispose of landscaping rocks, such as by composting or putting them in your garden. So, how do you dispose of landscaping rocks?

Landscaping rocks are all the rage these days. However, many landscapers don’t know what to do with them when they’re finished using them.

While you could keep them as garden decorations or give them away, there are better options. Landscaping rocks can be easily recycled by placing them in a recycling bin with other small rocks, such as gravel and pebbles.

Alternatively, you could add them to an organic compost pile or place them in your garden as mulch.

How to Dispose of Landscaping Rocks Properly

Consider Junk Removal

You may dispose of unwanted landscaping stones on your own; however, if you’re looking to get rid of several at once you may want to consider hiring a professional junk removal company to handle it for you.

The main disadvantage is that you can’t put the materials in your normal trash bin and haul them away like you would with other materials.

Locate Your Local Landfill

A landfill is usually the last resort when it comes to disposing of trash or other materials that you’re no longer using.

Go for it if you have enough landscaping rocks to fill a dump truck’s bed.

Dumping oneself is a particularly fantastic option for individuals living in apartments or homes that don’t have a backyard. However, it does cost money to dispose of large quantities of materials this way.

It’s also far less convenient than other options; it’s your responsibility to transport the materials to the landfill yourself rather than having someone do it for you.

Freecycling Landscaping Rocks Online

Another free approach is to hunt through local classified websites for individuals who have a use for old landscaping stones like rock gardens.

People often seek for unique garden decor items, so there’s a chance that someone in your area may be looking for landscaping stones to create one themselves.

Offering Your Landscaping Rocks for Sale

Make a simple “Free” sign from cardboard and place it in your yard to alert others that you’re interested in selling your unwanted material.

Leave it out front and be prepared to answer questions about what it is you have to offer.

You might also post an ad on Craigslist, although it may take some effort to attract buyers this way.

Someone is going to want to buy your unwanted material; you just need to be patient and wait for the right buyer to come along.

Landscaping Rocks Disposal in a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is one of the simplest ways to get rid of your landscape rock collection.

Because rocks and gravel are heavy, you’ll need to fill up the dumpster before the company will deliver it to your home; you may need to rent more than one dumpster depending on the size of the project you’re working on.

How to Repurpose Landscaping Rocks

Make a Pathway

Making a garden walkway is simple, and you can usually do it for free.

You may make many patterns with your rocks, including straight lines, curves, circles, zigzags, or any other shape you like.

Small pebbles or gravel may be the best choice for a pathway because larger rocks can shift under your feet as you walk along it.

Larger rocks work great as stepping stones to make crossing a small stream easier or to line a garden path with a row of colorful stones.

Your Flower Beds Should Be Edged

A retaining wall around your flower beds helps hold the soil in place and prevents it from washing away during heavy rains.

Unlike a traditional retaining wall, however, you don’t have to use expensive bricks or mortar. You can use landscape rocks instead.

Sort your rocks and look through the pile for ones that are relatively flat and fit nicely together; you’ll probably have quite a few options to choose from.

Build a Fire Pit

With just a rake and a shovel, you can build a fire pit in just a few minutes.

If you have gravel and mulch in your front yard, you can create a small sitting area that’s cozy enough for an evening fire with family and friends.

How to Prepare Your Landscaping Rocks for Repurposing

Rock gardening is a popular trend for gardeners and landscape designers. The rocks can be turned into stepping stones, stacked into a wall, or used as a decorative element.

Before you can repurpose your landscaping rocks, you need to prepare them properly. Here are 2 techniques that you can use to repurpose your landscaping rocks:

Clean the Rocks

Since rocks have pores, dirt can easily get trapped within the pores.

This can block the water from getting to the soil in your landscaping rock.

Clean the rocks first to remove dirt and other debris.

Prepare the Surface

To prep the rocks, you need to roughen the surface slightly using a hammer and chisel before applying a sealant.

This will ensure that the sealant will stick on the surface and won’t wash off easily.

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In conclusion, it’s important to dispose of landscaping rocks properly.

First, make sure you’re destroying them yourself, rather than dumping them at a landfill. Second, make sure they’re broken into small pieces, so they can’t be used as weapons.

Third, don’t dump them in water, as many stones can leach chemicals like lead and mercury into local ecosystems. Finally, make sure you’re recycling your landscaping rocks.