How to Dispose of Bubble Wrap

Since bubble wrap is one of the most common chemicals, it’s important to know how to get rid of it properly.

Even though it may seem harmless, it can do damage to your environment and human health. Here are some tips on how to safely dispose of bubble wrap.

Let’s start now.

How to Dispose of Bubble Wrap

Reuse Bubble Wrap for Art and DIY

Bubble wrap is recyclable. However, very few people know how. Bubble wrap is both a packaging material and an art material.

It can be used in art projects. Bubble wrap can also be reused for DIY purposes to dispose of bubble wrap.

Here are three creative ways to use bubble wrap that will save you money and reduce waste:

  • Use it as a wrapping paper—Bubble wrap is thin and malleable, making it an ideal material to wrap gifts. You can wrap your gifts in colorful patterns or print images and messages on bubble wrap and use it as wrapping paper. You can even use bubble wrap to decorate your gift boxes.
  • Write on it—Write your messages, quotes, and favorite artwork on bubble wrap for decoration purposes. You can write your favorite quotes and messages on bubble wrap and hang them on the wall as a decoration. You can also write quotes on coffee filters and hang them on the wall.
  • Use it in DIY projects – Bubble wrap is an inexpensive DIY material that you can use to make crafts such as jewelry, ornaments, and vases. Bubble wrap can also be easily cut into strips to make colorful paper flowers and paper animals.

Reuse Bubble Wrap for Insulation

Bubble wrap may help keep food, drinks, and other perishable items cold, but it can also be used as an insulator in the home or garage to keep rooms warm during the winter season.

Putting bubble wrap in your grocery bags will help keep your groceries cold.

Another useful use for bubble wrap is to insulate your home’s attic from heat and cold during the summer and winter seasons, respectively.

Bubble wrap might help keep the heat in your home during winter and the cool air in your home during summer as the heat or cool air won’t be able to escape through the attic space where the insulation is placed.

Finally, during the winter months, you may apply bubble wrap to your windows to keep them from fogging up due to condensation.

Reuse Bubble Wrap for Storage

People often use old suitcases and cardboard boxes for storage in their garages or storage rooms.

Bubble wrap might help keep dust and dirt out of these storage containers and stop water from getting into your storage boxes.

Reuse Bubble Wrap to Pack Items

When you need to mail anything or transport fragile items, you can reuse old packing materials to protect them from damage while in transit.

Reusing bubble wrap will not only save you money but will also prevent additional waste from getting dumped into the environment.

Post Bubble Wrap Online

If you have an excess of bubble wrap that you no longer use, you can post one of these items online for sale.

You can post a free ad or set up a shop on sites where individuals list used goods and services, such as eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, and more.

Selling used bubble wrap online is a great way to get rid of extra bubble wrap while also making a little money in the process.

Many businesses that work with the postal service will take donations of bubble wrap that is still in good shape and can be used for shipping.

Check with your local UPS shop, Post Net, USPS office, or other delivery service to see if they accept donations of used packing materials in good condition.

Recycle Bubble Wrap

Recycling is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of how to reuse your bubble packaging material.

Fortunately, bubble wrap can be shredded and recycled like other paper products to help reduce waste going to landfills.

Recycling bubble wrap will not only save bubble wrap from going into a landfill, but also help reduce the need to cut down trees to make more of this popular packaging material.

Benefits of Recycling and Reusing Bubble Wrap

Lowers Energy Production

Reusing bubble wrap is the eco-friendly option as it helps reduce the need to produce more of this packaging material from scratch.

Recycling is generally good for the environment, but it does require more energy to be made during the recycling process.

Reduces Pollution

By reusing and recycling bubble wrap, you can cut down on the pollution that is made when new rolls are made.

Because you are not tossing away the bubble packaging and producing more new material, there is less pollution emitted into the air during the process.

How to Recycle Bubble Wrap

Just because bubble wrap is technically recyclable doesn’t mean that all communities provide specific recycling bins for this material.

Don’t worry, the procedure is easy enough to figure out on your own: Cut up any larger pieces of the bubble material and recycle these as regular paper with the rest of your household recyclables.

First, make sure that all of the plastic film on the outside has been taken off and that all of the plastic bubbles are still attached to each other.

Next, find a recycling bin for plastic bags, newspapers, and other paper that can be recycled, and put your newly cut piece of protective packaging inside with the other recyclables.

Even if your municipal recycling program does not permit it, there is usually a nearby drop-off location where you can drop off your shredded piece of this protective cushioning material for free.

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There are several methods to reuse or recycle your used roll of bubble cushioning.

And each choice helps to cut down on waste and protect the environment from the pollution that comes from making and shipping goods.

The bubble wrap that you buy at your local store comes in several different sizes and thickness levels depending on its intended use.

Refusing bubble wrap has ecological and economic benefits since it reduces waste going to landfills and also helps conserve our natural resources and energy.

You may, however, find yourself with a package that is shipped without a protective cushioning layer of some sort.

You may make a donation to a local charity or homeless shelter with these items, or simply toss them in the trash once they have been opened.

However, it may take some time to find a charity or organization that will accept the used rolls that you have received as donations.

Bubble wrap may come in handy at your next birthday party, but more than likely you’ll be throwing away most of it after use.

It is not, however, as simple as recycling your old bottle caps or tin cans.

Finally, toss it in the trash if it rips or tears during use or opening or if it has been exposed to water or other liquids.