How to Dispose of Bacon Grease?

Do you love bacon but hate the mess it leaves behind? Grease from cooking bacon is one of the most common kitchen messes, and cleaning it up can be tricky. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to properly dispose of bacon grease in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

We’ll explain why it’s important to get rid of your used cooking oil correctly and provide tips on how to do so without causing an environmental hazard.

From recycling your bacon fat to composting it, we’ll go through all of the alternatives for disposing of your used grease.

So, if you want to make sure that your love for bacon isn’t damaging the planet, read on!

Can I Put Bacon Grease Down the Drain?

The answer is a resounding no. Bacon grease can cause serious clogs and blockages in your plumbing system, leading to costly repairs. Plus, when it cools, the grease will solidify, causing drainage issues. Not to mention, it can attract insects and other pests, which could be hazardous to your health.

If you must put bacon grease down the drain, make sure you run hot water for a few minutes afterwards.

This will help break down the grease and reduce the risk of clogs.

Additionally, use a drain strainer or garbage disposal to prevent larger chunks of bacon grease from entering your plumbing system.

In conclusion, putting bacon grease down the drain is not recommended and could result in expensive repairs in the future.

How to Dispose of Bacon Grease in the Kitchen

Cooking with bacon is a popular way to add flavor and texture to your meals, but it also produces a lot of grease that must be handled correctly. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best ways to dispose of bacon grease in the kitchen without causing plumbing problems or creating a mess.

Safely Collect Bacon Grease

The first step in disposing of bacon grease is safely collecting it. Never pour bacon grease down any drains, as this will cause plumbing issues.

Instead, allow the grease to cool and solidify before scraping it into a metal can or other container and throwing it out in the trash.

If you have a lot of bacon grease, you can pour it into an old coffee can or jar, cover it with a lid or plastic wrap, and store it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to discard it.

To absorb some of the grease, paper towels can also be used and thrown away in the garbage.

Reuse Bacon Grease

Before discarding your bacon grease, there are several ways you can use it for added flavor.

For example, fry eggs or make sauces with your bacon fat. It is important to properly store bacon grease and keep it away from heat sources, as it can easily catch fire.

To avoid messes, pour your bacon fat into a container with a secure lid and store it in the refrigerator or freezer until you’re ready to throw it out.

Dispose Bacon Grease

Once all your used bacon fat has been collected, make sure you dispose of it properly by throwing sealed containers in the trash. Never pour bacon grease down any drains; instead, scrape cooled and solidified fat into metal cans or containers and throw them away right away.

What Do You Do with Bacon Grease After Cooking?

Nothing beats the savory aroma and flavor of bacon as it sizzles in the pan. But what do you do with the leftover grease? Here are some tips on how to properly prepare bacon grease after cooking.

First off, never pour bacon grease down the drain. Doing so can cause clogs and other plumbing issues. Instead, pour cooled bacon grease into a metal container and dispose of it in the garbage.

If you’d like to reuse the bacon grease, strain out any bits of food before storing it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for future use. Bacon grease can be used for other cooking purposes, such as adding flavor to vegetables or making a roux for sauces.

Cooled bacon grease can also be composted by mixing it with equal parts soil and adding it to your compost pile.This is a great way to add vitamins back to your garden or yard.

5. Can I Dump Bacon Grease Outside?

Cooking with bacon grease is a delicious way to add flavor to your food, but what happens when you’re done? Can you dump bacon grease outside? The answer is a resounding no.

Bacon grease is a non-biodegradable material, meaning it won’t break down in the environment and can cause extensive damage to soil and water. Not only that, but dumping bacon grease outside can attract animals like rats, raccoons, and other scavengers who are searching for food.

Additionally, if the grease ends up in the water system, it can clog sewers.

The best way to dispose of bacon grease is to pour it into a container with a lid, throw it in the trash, or take it to a local recycling center for proper disposal. This will help you enjoy all the deliciousness of bacon without harming the environment!

How to Safely Dispose of Bacon Grease

Bacon grease is a common cooking by-product, but it should never be poured down the drain or flushed down the toilet. Grease can clog pipes and cause plumbing problems, so it’s important to know how to safely get rid of it. Here are some tips for properly disposing of bacon grease.

Cool the Grease

The first step in disposing of bacon grease is to let it cool before attempting to discard it. Once chilled, scrape it into a non-recyclable container, such as an old yogurt or margarine tub. Before throwing it away, make sure the container is tightly sealed.

Freeze It

Another option is to pour the cooled bacon grease into an old tin can, seal it, and place it in the freezer until you’re ready to take it out with your regular trash. This will prevent any odors from developing in your kitchen while still ensuring you don’t spill any grease when emptying the garbage.

Compost It

After cooling and being strained through a fine sieve to remove any bits of bacon or food particles, add bacon grease to your compost pile. This will help bring nutrients back to your soil and make your compost more effective at breaking down organic material.

Recycle It

If you have enough bacon grease, consider turning it into soap or candles! This can be a great way to repurpose something that would otherwise be discarded and produce something useful at the same time.

Tips for Storing and Reusing Bacon Grease

There are plenty of ways to store and reuse bacon grease, making your meals more convenient and flavorful. Here are our top 7 tips for freezing and reusing bacon grease.

Store Bacon Grease in a Mason Jar

The best container for storing bacon grease is a Mason jar. They’re airtight, so the grease won’t spoil, and they can be stored in the refrigerator or on the counter.

Be sure to label each jar with the date it was made and how long it has been sitting there. This will help avoid any contamination from other foods or bacteria in the air.

Reuse Bacon Grease

Don’t throw out that used bacon grease! It can be used to make food, as a spread on toast, or even as an ingredient in baking recipes. Just make sure to strain out any pieces of bacon before using it again for enhanced flavor and maximum value.

Keep Grease Covered

To prevent any contamination from other foods or bacteria in the air, always cover your container with a lid or plastic wrap when storing bacon grease. This will help maintain its freshness for longer periods of time.

Throw Away Used Grease

If you’re looking for a unique way to cook, make sure to throw away the used grease rather than trying to reuse it again, as this can lead to food poisoning or other health issues if not done properly.

Dispose of Bacon Grease Properly

If you do not plan on reusing the bacon grease, it should be disposed of properly by pouring it into a sealed bag and throwing it away in an outdoor trash can or compost bin.

This will help keep your kitchen clean and free of germs and bacteria that can cause sickness.

Best Practices for Cleaning Up After Cooking with Bacon Grease

Cooking with bacon grease can be an incredibly delicious way to add flavor and spice to your dishes, but it does require additional steps for cleanup. Here are the best practices for cleaning up after cooking with bacon grease.

First, always use a heat-resistant container to store your bacon grease while cooking. This will help you avoid any messes or accidents.

When it’s time to clean up, make sure to use hot, soapy water and a sponge or cloth to wipe down surfaces that have come in contact with the grease. To get rid of any remaining grease, use a paper towel or rag to wipe down the counter. Never pour bacon grease down the drain, as it can clog pipes and cause other plumbing issues.

If you need to dispose of large amounts of bacon grease, pour it into a sealed container and throw it away in the trash. Alternatively, you can also use an old metal can or jar to store the grease until it is full and then discard it in the garbage.

And lastly, if you don’t want to throw away your used bacon grease, you can also reuse it for future cooking purposes! Just make sure you store it correctly before reusing it for maximum flavor and safety.

Environmental Impact of Disposing of Bacon Grease Improperly

If not handled correctly, bacon grease can contaminate soil and water. And if poured down the drain, it can clog pipes, sewers, and drains.

To prevent this from happening, it’s essential to dispose of your bacon grease in the right way. The best way to do this is to pour the cooled grease into an old container or onto a paper towel and then throw it in the garbage.

This will help minimize any potential leakage or contamination from occurring. Additionally, make sure you don’t pour hot bacon grease down the drain, as this will cause even more damage.


When it comes to disposing of bacon grease, it’s essential to do so safely and responsibly.

Pouring it down the drain will result in plumbing problems and unwanted rodents.Instead, store cooled bacon grease in an airtight container and throw it away in the garbage.

Alternatively, you can strain out any food bits before storing the fat in the fridge or freezer for future use.