How to Dispose of an Ouija Board

If you’ve used the Ouija Board in the past and are still holding on to it, it’s time to say goodbye.

Although it looks like a piece of plastic, it’s actually made of silicone. When it’s not in use, you should dispose of it carefully.

So, how do you dispose of an ouija board?

Ouija boards are fun to use, but what to do after you’re done?

The simple answer is to throw the board away. Some people, however, hold onto their ouija board because they believe that it will bring them good luck.

This belief is wrong because ouija boards actually contain a demon spirit that can harm humans. Ouija boards should never be saved, and they should be disposed of properly.

This is difficult, though, because ouija boards are hard to get rid of. They can’t be burned or thrown away in the trash because they could leak the dangerous demon spirit.

The best way to dispose of an ouija board is by burying it in your backyard or by smashing it with a hammer and then throwing it away in a trash bag.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Dispose of Your Ouija Board Properly?

It is critical to know how to handle an oujia board and to dispose of it properly if you don’t want the spirit trapped on the board to possess you or a loved one.

There is a right manner to dispose of an oujia board and a wrong way to handle one.

The Ouija board should either be smashed or buried.

This may irritate or anger the spirits on the board and cause them to haunt you, your home, or your possessions forever.

They flourish in the presence of fire, so you should never burn an oujia board to get rid of them.

If you unintentionally fire the Ouija board, adding fuel to the fire will cause the demon spirit to intensify and spread.

When Should You Dispose of a Ouija Board?

The planchette often moves on its own, even when no one is touching it.

The planchette indicates a specific letter of the alphabet when the letter has not been selected beforehand.

The Ouija board does not respond to questions that are asked.

The planchette moves across the letters and the numbers but doesn’t form words or sentences.

An Ouija board should never touch the floor since this type of spirit dwells in the ground.

The board begins to mention ‘bad’ words or even curse words without anyone asking them to do so.

How to Dispose of a Ouija Board?

Throw Away Your Ouija Board

If you’re not superstitious, getting rid your of an unused, old, or broken-hearted game is easy; just throw it in the trash.

You may get rid of it the old fashioned way by smashing it into a million pieces with a hammer and dropping the pieces into a trash bag and tossing the bag away.

Seek Professional Assistance

If things seem too serious, or if you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of your treasured item, you can always ask a paranormal investigator to help get rid of the entity on the planchette.

It might be any case that the investigator could help you get rid of the demon once and for all.

Giving away a Ouija board is not the best idea because it may attract more unwanted spirits to your home.

Many individuals and businesses collect used items and then sell them at a yard sale to raise money for charity, so you might consider donating your unwanted item to someone in need.

Your Ouija board may be valued by a local charity or a second-hand store, in which case you may sell it to them for money or trade it for something else you need.

Return Your Ouija Board to The Shop

If it hasn’t been too long since you purchased the item and it is still in working condition, you may be able to return it to the store you bought it from for a full refund.

You must have the documentation to prove that you actually bought the board from that store. Because if you bought it online and the company refuses to take it back, you may have to go through the court system to get your money back.

Make use of the Holy Water Method

According to popular stories, the Holy Water technique is said to neutralize demons from a Ouija board.

You soak the planchette in the Holy Water for a minute and then throw it in the garbage to eliminate the spirits inside it.

This approach requires you to split your Holy Water into two equal parts and pour each part over the planchette.

Give Someone Your Ouija Board

Although there is a strong relationship between the owner and the Ouija board because the latter was a gift from a loved one, you probably don’t want the board any longer.

Instead of throwing it away, you can give it to someone who doesn’t know anything about demons or spirits.

Make sure you give the board to someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts or any paranormal activity. Because the board may attract unwanted entities to the person’s home.

Instead of tearing it up or throwing it away, consider wrapping it up and giving it to someone else as a gift.

Bury Your Ouija Board

There are several ideas as how you can bury the Oujia board and get rid of the spirit inside it.

The most often used method involves burying it in your backyard after pouring Holy Water over it and burning a few candles on it as well.

You may do this in whichever way you feel most comfortable with as long as it rids you of the unwanted entities from your home for good.

Wrap the board and planchette in plastic and seal it inside a bag before burying it in the ground to prevent other critters from digging it up later.

After burying the board, fill the hole with dirt to cover it completely.

Make certain that the spot you choose to bury the Oujia board isn’t near any buildings or structures such as your.

Recycle Your Ouija Board

This disposal approach, like the last one, requires you to wrap the Oujia board in plastic and then put it into a trash bag for recycling.

Some people donate their used items rather than recycling them, so if you have some extra items at home you may want to donate it to someone in need.

This choice is also environmentally friendly, unlike burying it in the ground or burning it.

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In conclusion, there are many good reasons to dispose of a Ouija board.

First, it’s dangerous for children to use Ouija boards because it promotes superstition and belief in entities that don’t exist.

It’s also dangerous to randomly pick one up and use it because it can lead to demonic possession and other supernatural phenomena.

Furthermore, Ouija boards aren’t beneficial to the mental health of individuals because such entities can be harmful and deceiving.

Finally, Ouija boards and similar occult objects are not beneficial to society because they promote superstition and belief in entities that don’t exist.

For these reasons, it’s crucial to dispose of a Ouija board safely.