Can You Throw Away Old Computer Mouse?

Computer mice pose a formidable threat to your computer.

If one of your mice looks sick or doesn’t work appropriately, you should dispose of it. There are a number of ways you can get rid of your out-of-date mouse.

So, can you throw away your old computer mouse? The answer to this question is no.

There are some caveats you should consider first. If your mouse is not working at all or is physically broken, you should think twice before you want to throw it away.

If it’s simply old and no longer meets your needs, you should dispose of it properly. Let’s dive into it now.

Can You Throw Away Old Computer Mouse?

You should not throw your old computer mouse away if it still functions adequately for you.

The easiest approach to get rid of a damaged mouse is to discard it responsibly.

You may also resell or recycle your mouse if you still value it.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), obsolete computer equipment should be disposed of properly, by reusing, recycling and disposing of it properly in approved landfills or recycling facilities.

As a result, we all need to be mindful of how we’re going to dispose of our old computer equipment, including mice.

Many computer parts are safe and will not harm the environment if discarded appropriately. However, some others may harm to our environment if discarded inappropriately.

Can a Computer Mouse Be Recycled?

Inside a computer mouse is a printed circuit and batteries; therefore, you can safely recycle a computer mouse.

Non-optical mouse rubber trackballs use two metal balls on an elastic cord; they are not recyclable in most communities.

In addition, certain devices contain mercury, lead, and other toxic materials, so they should not be thrown away in your normal trash.

Recycling a computer mouse is a good option to discard your old computer mouse as this process prevents it from being dumped in a landfill where it won’t breakdown easily.

A local recycling facility is a good place to recycle your computer mouse.

Also, look for any organizations that accept used computer equipment; this can help reduce the cost of disposing of your old computer equipment.

Freecycling is a more environmentally safer option to dispose used computer equipment.

Is It Better to Recycle Your Mouse Than to Repair It?

Repairing computer hardware, particularly plug-and-play components such as a keyboard or a mouse, is seldom cost-effective.

Most experts agree that decommissioning any form or hardware item should be the first option to consider before considering repair.

That is one of the reasons why many computer manufacturers will recommend that customers return or return their computer hardware to the store for repair or replacement.

Some recyclers will work on a contract with a company’s IT group to refurbish and test used equipment prior to its return to the supply chain.

What Else Can You Do With an Old Mouse?

Create a Device That Can Identify Fake Coins

This open-access journal study demonstrates how to make a simple device that can identify fake coins based on the properties of sound vibrations that they produce when placed in water.

The experiment employs Euro coins, but the tech may be used with any kind of coin or token that may not already have a microchip embedded inside itself.

Build a Working Drone with the Mouse Case

Try your hand at making a drone out of an old mouse and a piece of cardboard.

You might be inspired to make bigger models.

Give It to Your Children as a Toy

You’ve probably heard claims that using an old mouse as a toy is a good way to keep your kids occupied.

Using the same creative mindset that went into making the mouse toy, you can also create other kinds of toys from old computer components.

It might be a school project or it may be something that your kids and their friends can do together.

Make a Cool Ornament for the Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree with an ornament made from an old mouse would look pretty cool.

To construct your own Christmas tree ornament, use an old mouse, a glue gun, a piece of decorative material, and a bit of glue.

If the mouse is wired, you’ll have to cut off the cords when you’re finished.

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When a computer, computer component, or computer accessory wears out – like an old computer mouse – there’s often a strong temptation to throw it away.

Sustainability is the smart choice, however; re-purposing old computer parts or accessories by repurposing them.

It is always advisable to think about the environment when throwing away an object that can be reused.

When purchasing a computer system, just purchase one that you (or someone else) will be able to use for an extended period.

Consider if you need to replace any of your computer equipment, including your mouse, and recycle your old mouse for the conveniences that it provides your children as a toy.

At the absolute least, you could save the mouse as a memento of a time when your children were young.

Whatever you pick, keeping them out of the local landfill is the right thing to do for the environment.