Can You Recycle Hanging File Folders?

Hanging file folders are an excellent way to promote the preservation of documents and photos.

Some organizations even offer these programs to all people, even if they don’t work in libraries or museums. You can put these folders are made of different material in your desk, drawer, or wall cabinet.

Once they’re finished, they can be hanged easily. So, can you recycle hanging file folders?

Yes! You can recycle hanging file folders!

However, before doing so, it’s important to check your local recycling rules. Many municipalities have recycling guidelines for paper products and recycling companies may have their own rules as well.

If you’re not sure what’s allowed in your area, check online or contact your local recycling center or municipality directly.

Once you have determined that you can recycle hanging file folders in your area, it’s time to start collecting them! This easy process only takes a few minutes and can help you earn free or discounted items.

Can You Recycle Hanging File Folders?

You may be unsure whether you can recycle hanging file folders or not, but the answer is no.

Yes, you are very much able to recycle hanging file folders that you do not use anymore because it is an accepted method of recycling.

Hanging file folders should not be put in your recycling bin though, but you can recycle them instead.

They’re constructed of paper, with some offering plastic fasteners and steel rings.

So, if you want to recycle hanging file folders, they don’t get tossed away.

The reason for this is that most recycling facilities don’t accept them.

However, even if they accept such items, you will almost definitely have to pay for the items instead of getting them for free or at a reduced cost.

The paper portion of the hanging file folders is recyclable if it is in okay condition.

Paper trash is accepted at the local dump and garbage landfills in most areas.

It’s possible that it’s recycled as newsprint or tissue products.

How To Recycle Your Folders

How To Recycle Your Folders

Next time, use recycled hanging file folders.

You could find yourself in need of extra storage space, but you don’t want to spend too much money on storage options.

Instead of purchasing new hanging file folders, try reusing old ones you already own or repurposing them for another purpose.

This is the most effective approach when you’re on a tighter budget but still need some places to store your files in your office or home.

Metal and Index Tab should be removed.

The index tab and any metal parts should be removed and then place them in the recycling bin.

Most contemporary folders will have a plastic fastener or a ring that must be removed before recycling or repurposing them.

Remove the support for the folder or binder by popping out the pin or slide the pin off the lever.

You want to remove any wax, oils, or other finishes from the folder before recycling it to avoid contaminating the new paper product with substances that can make it unusable.

The paper folder itself can be recycled or used as scrap paper.

Stickers, staples, and paper clips should all be removed.

If the folder cannot be reused in its current condition or it is not made from paper, it can be recycled with other items, but only if it is free of any remaining plastic fasteners and staples.

Remove any staples, paperclips, plastic stickers or tape from hanging folders with sticky corners.

Don’t worry about how nice the folders look when they are hung on the wall as you will be able to recycle them later.

You simply want to make them recyclable and again they will start to look ugly.

Check to see whether the folders may be put to any other use.

First and foremost, you need to remove the labels from these folders and then throw out the entire folder once the label is removed.

Check to see whether the hanging folders are made of metal or if they contain any metal parts.

Despite the fact that these materials are recyclable, reusing them may not be an option.

Hanging file folders may be used to organize papers in filing cabinets, on shelves or on walls.

If you’re planning on relocating soon, shred the folders and use the labels as packing tape.

Can You Recycle File Folders With Metals?

Metals are related to other recyclable materials such as paper and plastic.

The metals help to keep the folders in shape and in use for a long time.

The metals are combined with plastics to make the file folders more durable and long lasting.

Different materials are never mixed together in one single file folder that is used for organizing document files in an office or home setting.

The goal of recycling is to prevent resources from being wasted thus preventing pollution from releasing waste to the environment by using recycled products instead.

As a result, the cans, bottles and paper are of no use and are thrown away to the landfill sites thus producing more and more waste that may eventually be harmful to.

If the metallic bits are little, you cannot take them to a recycling center as they may be mistaken for paper or paper clips.

Yes, even little metals in file folders can be recycled.

Consider how much money will be spent on buying new file folders.

Paper and metals should not be mixed together as the metals will contaminate the paper and prevent the recycling process from occurring.

You’ll have to toss the folders away as recycling centers can’t recycle them.

Metals, of course, can be mixed with paper and other recyclables and can also be disposed to the landfills.

They aren’t going in the trash though, they’re going to be used for something else.

Can You Recycle Colored File Folders?

The majority of file folders, regardless of color, are made from the identical materials.

They simplify organizing by separating out related items and placing them into a particular folder.

You won’t have to worry about paper cracking or colors bleeding as file folders are very durable.

Colored file folders are just another way for you to organize or categorize items in your office.

You’ll need to get creative with color coding as file folders can become costly after awhile but it’s a great way to organize your items.

Remove any other items that aren’t recycled such as rubber bands, wires and any other plastic or metal attachments to the file.


One of the office items that is so widely used throughout the workplace is the file folder.

Unfortunately, since they are made of paper, they can’t be recycled with typical paper recycling programs.

Replacing them on a regular bases, or recycling them in an office environment if you are able to fold them flat, saves you money when discarding office trash and.

We’ve given you various options, but there are additional things you can do to make your office more eco-friendly.