Can You Put Candle Wax in an Oil Burner?

Several types of oil burners are popular among candle enthusiasts.

Some oil makers offer wax compilations, which include a number of different waxes. Candle wax can be put in oil burners to make lovely scented candles.

So, can you put candle wax in an oil burner?

The short answer is yes. Candle wax can be used in oil burners and other types of oil warmers. In fact, many candle makers sell wax compilations specifically for oil burners and warmers.

Candle wax is not like regular paraffin wax and won’t melt as easily in an oil burner. However, if you put too much candle wax in an oil burner, it may damage the heating element and catch on fire.

In addition, candle wax contains fragrance oils that can damage the oil burner’s scent chamber over time and cause it to malfunction or stop working completely.

As a result, some oil producers are phasing out the use if candle waxes in their oil burners.

What Is an Oil Burner?

With so many varieties of oil burners on today’s market, it isn’t always the easiest thing to tell what type of oil burner you have.

However, the oil burner you choose depends on what diffuse scents and oils you want to use.

Some oil burners require a candle or stick of wax to melt aromatic oils into a room.

When heated, the oil evaporates into a cloud of scented air, producing a nice scent throughout the room.

You do not want to use candle or paraffin wax in an oil burner because it will melt the heater causing a fire or damage to your device.

If it does catch fire, it is a fire risk that can not be controlled.

Use a fire extinguisher, lean on it or smother it with a towel or something you have nearby to put out the fire.

Can Wax Be Melted in an Oil Burner?

You’ve been hearing that candle wax melts cannot go into an oil burner, but is that true.

In fact, they can be melted in that device if used sparingly and with care.

All you need to do is simply pour some of the wax onto the surface of the hot plate or bowl that comes with your oil burner, and wait a few minutes.

The resulting flame will melt the wax slowly and safely, rather than smoking the waxy.

How to Use an Oil Burner

To fill a tea light burner with aroma oils, first gently wipe the tea light burner to remove any dust or debris.

Light the candle and allow to heat for several minutes until it glows visibly hot.

Place the dish at a safe distance from the candle and pour in the oil you wish to use.

However, be mindful of the burner’s temperature and never leave it unattended as the flame may ignite the oils too fast and cause a fire.

Furthermore , if you do not want to light the candle yourself, you can purchase a candle warmer or lamp that is designed to melt the waxes directly in the appliance itself.

How Do You Use Wax Melts on an Oil Burner?

Utilizing wax melt on oil burners can be done the same way as aroma oils, by pouring them on the surface of the tealight or lamp.

Simply place the burner in a secure location, add the wax melts to the burner and wait for them to melt.

Choose the Best Location for the Oil Burner

Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to use any essential oil or wax melt products.

The burning process requires careful attention and the wax and oils must be melted at a safe temperature to reduce the risk of combustion or fire hazards.

Remember that an oil burner may combust materials it comes into contact with, so place it at a safe distance from any combustible materials and flammable materials, including cleaning products, candles and others.

Put the Wax Melt into the Oil Burner.

After you’ve chosen an optimum location for the burner, get the wax melts ready and place the tealight or golf ball into the oil burner.

But, before you do, we suggest breaking the wax flakes into smaller pieces using a knife or fruit cutter.

It will also aid the melting process when you pour the flakes into the oil burner.

Light the Tea Light Candle and Put It Into the Oil Burner.

When the oil burner is not in operation, it should be placed out of the reach of small children and animals that may try to play with it.

The wick should be pointed away from any combustible materials so as not to touch the wax and oils in the burner at any time.

The lid should be replaced immediately when the tealight or golf ball has been lit to avoid accidents and damage to the oil burner.

Wait Until the Wax Melt Has Completely Melted.

Melt your wax in the tealight for about 5 – 6 minutes or until the wax is melted all the way through and evenly dispersed over the tea light.

Keep the wax melter away from children, pets and combustible materials, as it is very hot when lit.

Extinguish the tealight candle when the wax has fully melted to avoid overheating and burn damage.

Is It Safe to Use Wax Melts in an Oil Burner?

Your unique oil burner may have a safety feature which prevents the burner from working when the wick isn’t submerged in the wax.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not test oil burners using wax melts and we cannot guarantee that this feature will work when melting wax melts in the oil burner.

Your burner must be certified for use when burning scented oils, but it may prevent the burner from working properly when melting thick candles or wax melts in the burner.

What Is the Difference Between an Oil Burner and a Wax Burner?

A wax burner is a device used to melt scented wax into a hot surface to create a warm, scented atmosphere.

The only difference between our oil burner and a candle warmer is the oil reservoir.

Depending on the package you are purchasing, the oil burner may be referred to as an aromatherapy oil burner, a candle warmer or an oil burner.

The oil burner contains a reservoir of hot scented oil or wax that is used to heat a room and create a scented atmosphere.

It is not intended for use with candles or an ordinary paraffin candle.

While oil burners do a beautiful job of distributing the scented oils throughout the room, buying a burner that contains a large reservoir of hot wax has the potential to cause serious injuries if the device malfunctions or is mishandled.

Can You Use Wax Melts in an Electric Oil Burner?

Electric oil burners are not able to handle wax melts because the melted wax blocks the wick and can cause the wax to melt into the oil reservoir, making it inoperable.

However, it is suggested that electric oil burners be used for burning scented oils that do not contain coloring agents.

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Although candle wax can be used in oil burners and warmers, it can damage the oil warmer and cause damage over time. Therefore, it’s best to use oil burners that don’t use candle waxes in their oil warmers. Otherwise, candle wax can cause the oil burner to malfunction and stop working completely.

However, not all oil burners can only use essential oils and use the same wicks.

Before investing in an oil burner or reading any reviews of their favorite products, consumers should confirm that the oil burner they are using is compatible with candle wax to ensure that the candle does not melt.